Our Story

Get Out Stay Out is a brand that represents a love of the outdoors by equipping customers with gear and information to get them outside more often and stay outside longer, improving their relationship with wilderness.

Get Out Stay Out (GOSO) is a sole-proprietorship founded by Mallory Lloyd. Mallory Lloyd is the inventor of the Get Out Grill. Her goal is to inspire and enable people to be active outside, embracing their inner wild self and have fun ‘roughing it outdoors’. By selling experience-inspired gear and sharing tips and stories from lived adventures, Mallory hopes to inspire in her customers a reconnection with nature not just to survive, but to thrive.

Get Out Stay Out has launched its inaugural product, the Get Out Grill. The Get Out Grill is a  UNIQUE collapsible, multi-level campfire grill. It was invented in a remote cabin deep on  winter camping trip. Mallory invented the grill from a need born out of many camping trips. Food is comfort, and good food on a outdoor trip is essential to thrive but in the modern world people have lost their intuition and skills for cooking over an open camp fire and the results are dismal. Through research, it was identified that a multi-level stable cooking platform improves the cooking experience for the average camper and the quality of their food leading them to experience a thriving experience rather than a survival experience.

The Get Out Grill was designed from these principles and extensive research. The inventor, Mallory, talked to other entrepreneurs and experienced outdoors people, leveraged expert advice from organizations, researched materials and coatings, contacted national organizations about food safety and met with several welders. A local welder in Ottawa, On was identified as having the passion and expertise to produce a viable prototype.

There have been several field testers from across Canada and the design has been changed, tweaked and improved multiple times before coming to the final design and product you see today!

Mallory Lloyd

Owner, Get Out Stay Out