Why The Get Out Grill

The Get Out Grill is the first clean cook campfire grill on the market with a unique  multi-level design to optimize your campfire cooking, unlike any other grill being sold today. Meet your new favourite piece of outdoor equipment!

5 Reasons to Buy The Get Out Grill Today

1. Clean Cooking - The grill is crafted from stainless steel which is SAFE to cook food directly on, NO chemicals, NO paints and NO coatings.  100% Chemical Free! Stainless steel cooking products are used by master chefs and home cooks all around the world.

DID YOU KNOW? The majority of campfire grills being sold today are not safe to cook food directly on and market themselves as 'cast iron cooking' appliances in the small print. They also come with warnings to this effect and many the coatings and paints will peel off and end up in your food. I was blown away by this when I started my research, who wants to buy a campfire grill and not cook a hot dog, veggie kabob or burger directly on it and why are they sneaky about it?

2. Made in Canada - The Get Out Grill is manufactured in Ottawa, ON. Get Out Stay Out chose the manufacturer based on experience, skill and interest in making amazing outdoor gear. Support Canadian Made!

3. Environmentally Friendly - Here's the deal, buy a camp stove once and than buy a gas canister to fuel it, than buy another one, and another one, and..... well you get it. This process is wasteful and expensive. Now Buy the Get Out Grill and........... that's it, no extra expenses and enjoy cooking over natures gas, wood 

4. Versatile Design -  Designed for cooking over an open fire. The top grill locks in place at 4 different positions so you choose where to cook. The top grill folds down and the legs fold underneath for easy storage.  When folded, the grill is less than 3 inches in height and weights only 5 lbs. It is easy to store/pack and comes with a carrying bag.

5. Optimize Your Campfire Cooking - Food is comfort, and good food on a outdoor trip is essential to thrive. But in the modern world people have lost their intuition and skills for cooking over an open camp fire and the results are dismal. Well not anymore! Get Out Stay Out has innovated the campfire grill to a multi-level stable cooking platform that improves the cooking experience for everyone, no matter your experience. EMBRACE YOUR WILD SELF and have FUN Outdoors!